II. Palladium Variation #4
III. You've Just Been Fucked by Psyops
IV. Doty
V. Cyclops

The “Ghost Army” was a top-secret World War II unit staffed by an unusual group of people. Instead of infantrymen, tankers, and artillery, it was composed of painters, designers, and architects. Among its ranks were artists Ellsworth Kelly, Art Kane, and Bill Blass. Their mission was to conduct large-scale deception operations. The Ghost Army fabricated and deployed inflatable tanks and mock combat materiel to spoof Nazi reconnaissance operations, used giant loudspeakers to create illusions of nonexistent tank divisions moving through the countryside, and arranged for phony generals to appear in unexpected places. Through trickery and deception, the unit aimed to create an alternate reality in the service of strategic military goals.

PSYOPS are designed to make people see what you want them to see, perceive what you want them to perceive, and believe what you want them to believe. They are most effective when specifically shaped for a particular person or group, and are crafted to exploit well-known features of human perception, belief, emotional life, and group dynamics.

Our world of recommendation algorithms, generative-AI models, gamification, and the ferocious quest for engagement is a world of ubiquitous and relentless “influence” operations. We are racing through the world of “surveillance capitalism” into an era of “PSYOPS capitalism.”

a black embroidered military patch with olive green trim featuring a white ghost looking at red lightning bolts coming from it's left hand