Orbital Reflector

Produced in collaboration with the Nevada Museum of Art, Orbital Reflector is a sculpture constructed of a lightweight and highly-reflective polyethylene material housed in a small box-like satellite bus. The satellite was meant to be inserted into orbit and after a few days deploy the reflective structure, creating a 100m long diamond-shaped mirror to reflect sunlight down to earth below. From earth, the sculpture would have appeared like a slowly moving artificial star as bright as a star in the Big Dipper.

Digital Rendering of Orbital Reflector, 2018
Technical drawing of Orbital Reflector, 2018

Orbital Reflector ultimately fell victim to the 2018/2019 government shutdown Donald Trump instigated in an attempt to coerce congress into funding a wall between the US and Mexico.

Launch of SSO-A Mission at Vandenberg Air Force Base, 2018

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A website for the project is here.

Limited Edition Collector’s Patch, custom-designed by Trevor Paglen.