The X-37B

The American Air Force’s secretive X-37B space-plane-drone is back after it’s fifth mission in orbit. There’s some controversy about whether it deployed an array of small secret satellites in violation of the United Nations’ Registration Convention, which says that all countries have to report on the satellites they put into orbit. 

X-37B/OTV-3 in Gemini (Orbital Test Vehicle, “Space Plane”; USA 240), 2013
60 × 85 in.

I photographed the X-37B in 2013 when it was on its third mission and have some other materials related to it.

This is one of the patches associated with the program, which I got from my friend Marko Peljhan and which is included in one of the “Symbology” collections.

My friend Peter Merlin designed this patch during the testing phase of the X-37 at Edwards AFB in California. The full story behind it is in the “From the Archives of Peter Merlin” book that we published in Spring 2019.