Lawrence B. Benenson
Sheila Duignan and Mike Wilkins
Elise Mac Adam and Stephen Kramarsky
Michael Gruenglas
Gabrielle and Fabio Savoldelli

EchoStar Corporation
National Endowment for the Arts
Epner Technologies, Inc.
Metro Pictures
NYC Department of Cultural Affairs
New York State Council on the Arts
MIT Visiting Artists Program

Anne Pasternak, Director
Nato Thompson, Curator
Shane Brennan
Jean Cooney
Katie Hollander
Alyssa Nitchun
Jessica Schaefer
Kevin Stanton
Cara Starke

Alexis Lowry, Project Manager
Mason Juday, Designer
David Epner, President of Epner Technology, Inc.
Brian Wardle, Associate Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics at the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Karl Berggren, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Adam McCaughan, Research Assistant, Quantum Nanostructures and Nanofabrication group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Joel Weisberg, Herman and Gertrude Mosier Stark Professor of Physics and Astronomy and the Natural Sciences at Carleton College
Joshua Levine, Systems Engineer / Analyst on P321 at
Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company
Shane Boivin, Technician at National Technical Systems
Jason Crete, Applications Engineer at National Technical Systems
Maria Drury, National Technical Systems
Jeffrey Henn, Climatics Lab Manager at National Technical Systems
Peter McDermott, National Technical Systems
Paul Ha, Director of MIT List Visual Arts Center
Joao Ribas, Curator at MIT List Visual Arts Center
Mark Linga, Educator/Public Relations Officer at MIT List Visual Arts Center
Leila W. Kinney, Executive Director of Arts Initiatives at MIT
Lee Johnson, Space Technology Researcher at NASA/JPL
Sam Nackman, Graduate Student, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Princeton University

Anya Ventura, Research Coordinator
Katie Detwiler, Research Assistant
Laura Greig, Research Assistant
Emily Parsons-Lord, Research Assistant
Max Symuleski, Research Assistant

Niels Hooper, History Editor at University of California Press
Lia Tjandra, Art Director at University of California Press
Alex Dahne, Publicity Director at University of California Press
Ted Weinstein, Literary Agent to Trevor Paglen
Sharmila Venkatasubban, Research Assistant
Tiffany Hu, Production Manager
Lauren Altman
Lizzie Hurst

Anders Johnson, President of EchoStar Corporation
Charles Ergen, Chairman of Dish Network and EchoStar Corporation
Chris Ergen
Chase Ergen
Altman Siegel Gallery
Galerie Thomas Zander
Jack Paglen
Kate Fowle