"The Last Pictures" is one of the 21st centuryís absolutely essential works of public art so far.

One of the most amazing, beautiful photo books I've ever seen.
-Werner Herzog

Viewed end to end, the hundred photographsóa mushroom cloud, an industrial chicken farm, Trotsky's brain-form a sombre chronicle of modern human history. Paglen sees "The Last Pictures" as pushing forward the same underlying concerns as his secrecy pictures: the limits of visual communication, the annexation of space.
-The New Yorker

Odds say that the silicon wafer will never be found -- perhaps the central paradox among many that animate Paglen's project. But there's always the possibility it will be found -- by aliens, or perhaps post-apocalyptic humans... the possibility that it might be found creates an ethical obligation. A billion years from now -- or far fewer -- his pictures really may be the last surviving pictures of humanity.
-The Atlantic